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    Joy: What It Is, And Isn't
    FOMO is ubiquitous. JOMO, not so much. Learn what joy is and how to recognize its imposters. Consume less and connect more to get that high-intensity sensation that real joy brings.
    01.21.22 01:49 PM - Comment(s)
    Intuition: A Double-Edged Skill
    "It is by logic that we prove...It is by intuition that we discover." Explore how clients benefit from professional coaches' skilled use of intuition, and find ways to tune into the complexities of fast and slow thinking.
    03.22.21 03:20 PM - Comment(s)
    5 Ways to Stay Authentic as a Solopreneur
    Solopreneurs know the value of authenticity and honesty in doing business, and here are five tips from real people who started or kept their business going in the tumultuous environment of 2020.
    02.04.21 03:09 PM - Comment(s)
    6 Tips to Wrap-up 2020 Better Than it Started
    Use September to refocus. Gain a sense of direction. Fill your plan with purpose. Build on that momentum, and let it carry you forward into 2021 with these easy-to-implement tips.
    09.14.20 04:38 PM - Comment(s)
    Lead Workplace Culture by Honoring Self-Care Commitments
    Self-care for leaders requires honoring commitments, perseverance and taking pride in personal well-being. Successful leaders model a culture of wellness in the workplace, which propels the whole organization to new levels. Get quick actions to improve your own well-being.
    07.03.20 08:43 PM - Comment(s)