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            As an athlete, senior executive leader, licensed social worker, ICF Professional Certified Coach, spouse, parent, daughter, sibling and friend, I cherish the value of authentic relationships that grow from shared experiences. Equity, inclusion and diverse views make for richer communities and a WAY MORE expansive life.        
    ​ "Successfully leading people and running organizations requires compassion, vision, accountability, skill and a true belief in the mission, values and humans being served."
    ​ Twenty+ years of leading within non-profit and large government systems, gives me a unique perspective on the ways to influence individual and group motivation, work ethic, as well as, the disconnect between desire to excel & belief that one can.  A dash of humor and fun needs to be sprinkled into every workplace, no matter how intense or mundane the duties.
        We all start somewhere, and my beginning was in rural southwest Pennsylvania. I lived on a dirt road, and often walked a mile to catch the bus for school. Eventually, I landed at the University of Pittsburgh, then on to Philadelphia for work and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, a brief stint in Washington, D.C. (9/11 ended the desire to stay there) and back to Philly - the City of Brotherly Love. Regardless of the road in front of my home, I am dedicated to helping people become the BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES and love, love, love understanding habits related to living a fuller life. 


    Getting to the Core

    My 13+ years as a rugby player taught me the importance of individual commitment to the team's overall goal is crucial for success.  These elements were reinforced over and over again in my leadership roles for the last 20 years. 

    There may not be an "I" in team, but each person brings their distinct talents, abilities and personality to the group. Playing at an elite national level required every teammate to bring their best to the field each day, which meant putting in the hours at the gym/track, getting enough sleep, nourishing one's body and studying the playbook. Practice, practice, practice! We learned that we were only as fast as our slowest player, and it is the team's duty to maintain the line, stay linked and support each other through precise communication. To achieve our goal of scoring, the main objective was creating space.  These are the foundation for my coaching approach.

    • Acknowledge strengths and build from them.
    • Listening, observing and speaking when it really matters go a long way.

    • Care for your body, mind and sense of self.
    • Create space for reflection, thought and examination of the possibilities.

    • Keep learning and expanding your comfort zone.
    • Keep what works and let go of the things holding you back.

    • Practice
    • Meet people where they are, go at their pace and stay by their side.
    • Lots of consistent, small, frequent steps get you further.