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6 Tips to Wrap-up 2020 Better Than it Started

09.14.20 09:38 PM By Allison Moore

Planning a journey

In a year when the bedrock of American living was jack-hammered to bits by the pandemic, politics off the rails, racial injustice and more natural disasters, creating a sense of normalcy seems, at best, daunting and often impossible. However, putting in time now to set a plan can provide a road map for ending this year (Woohoo!) in something other than a fiery dead end crash. And, maybe more importantly, it will position you to start 2021 off in a better place. 

Use September to refocus and gain a sense of direction. Build on that momentum, and let it carry you forward. 

First things first.

1. There is a Future!

The world is still turning; the sun sets and the moon rises each day.  Time may feel warped lately, but a future is out there for you. It is easy to get sucked into the mentality that the “world is ending” and “nothing really matters”. Those beliefs only perpetuate a bleak existence. Push on the accelerator and skip that exit on the highway!! It leads to the land of wasted days and swamp of self-doubt. Take back your sense of control and stay in the driver’s seat. Self-efficacy is key to actualizing the wishes and goals you want to achieve. 

2. Recognize What You Need

 Are you feeling fatigued? Stress consuming your energy? Mind racing but not getting things done? Feeling alone? Lacking alone time? Work bursting into every aspect of your life? No work at all? Breaking your needs down into physical,emotional, and mental categories allows you to find the right fix to get you back on the road. You don’t pour windshield wiper fluid into your empty gas tank to fuel up, so don’t do it to yourself! If you are tired and sleepy, find ways to get more and better rest. Acknowledge and share your feelings of anger, anxiety or fear. Capture and release your thoughts by journaling or other mindfulness practice.

3. Keep it Simple

Focus on getting the basics of your plan down on “paper”. Eliminate visual distractions around you so it is easier to be clear and concise as you define your goals, intentions or problems to solve. Use existing resources rather than trying to create everything yourself. For example, this is National Preparedness Month and you can use this guide to plan for emergencies and disasters. It is okay to follow a map that someone else made. Just remember that it is your journey! 

4. Identify Your Obstacles

Often we compare our starting point to other people’s finished product. It is fantastic to find inspiration in others for what you would like to accomplish. Just keep in mind that you are where you are. Don’t let your perception of someone else stop you from starting. Figure out what is getting in your way. Is it something internal or external to you? Knowing the difference allows you to create strategies and use tools that specifically address your unique challenges. Like any travel adventure, sometimes you see the road signs, sometimes you miss them and other times they aren’t there at all. Regardless, the response is up to the driver, and that is YOU!

5. Tap Your Strengths

Regardless of where Industry, Diligence and Perseverance falls on your VIA Survey of Character Strengths, draw on them to create and implement your plan. It does take hard work to achieve intentions and goals that really matter. Discomfort and uncertainty will be present. Be careful and persistent as you persevere to find ways under, over and through the obstacles in your way. Navigation tools make a trip infinitely easier, and matching strengths to circumstances allows for a more authentic journey. Grit will get you there, but not on its own.

6. Get Help

When traveling, and in life, stop and ask for directions and “local” tips. No one gets anywhere alone. No one. Plus, the journey is so much better when you connect with others.  Asking for help is a strength. Recognizing what is and isn’t available in your current environment is essential to moving beyond your perceived existence. Expand your network. Seek out friends, mentors, coaches and other professionals who will provide the expertise you need to fill in the details on your plan. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Parting Postcard
  • Think in a courageous way. 

  • Nourish your feeling of confidence. 

  • Make action your top priority.

  • Start now.


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